DOB? 12/29/1987
Nicknames? Deathray, Desigay, Lesiree
Home mountain? Anywhere my home is
Stance – Goofy or Regular? Regular
Years Snowboarding? 10 Years
Favorite trick? Turning
Sponsors? 32, Salomon, Dakine, Smith, Coal Headwear, Active Ride Shop, Crab Grab, Drink Water, Pom Pom, Volcano Cones
Favorite trip you went on last year? All of them when I'm with Think Thank
How many video parts? Video Grass (VG), Lets Make Better Mistakes Tomorrow (Peep Show), Winter wars (peep show), Online Salomon part (Vimeo), Brain Dead And Having A Heart Attack (Think Thank), Almanac (Think Thank)
Favorite rider and why? Scott Blum. He's my hero.
Favorite video part and why? I have too many favorites

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