DOB? 80's baby
Nicknames? ODB
Home mountain? Bear mtn.
Stance - Goofy or Regular? Irregular/goofy
Years Snowboarding? 20+
Favorite trick? Going real fast!
Sponsors? ThiryTwo, Etnies, Electric, Public, JSLV, 1817, Fix Bindings, Bear Mtn, Quality Concentrates, Jammypack
Favorite trip you went on last year? Any and all of the ones we drove a vehicle, not the biggest fan of airplanes!
How many video parts? List them all? Exsposed, One love, State of mind, Cold word, Familia 1&2, The Arena, Transworld In Color, Bozwreck3000, Piles for Miles, Fuck Yeah, Givin too, VG Lastone's, 2032, and a bunch of web stuff over the years
Favorite rider and why? Rob Davis, the greatest of all time! Dude was and prolly still is way ahead of the times, think he's somwhere working on space shuttles from what I hear.
Favorite video part and why? Anything wittlake put out, Roan rogers in upping the ante!

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